Dhamma- and Meditation-teacher - Christina Garbe

Christina Garbe (born 1955)

Social scientist and homeopathic medical practitioner.

Practices Buddhist meditation since 1983.
She studies also the Pāli scriptures since many years. Her purpose has been always to practice according to the authentic way the Buddha Gotama taught, we fortunately still have today as scriptures and in a living tradition. Her teachings are close to the Pāli scriptures, known in Theravāda Buddhism.
The Buddha himself called his teachings, the dhamma:
The dhamma is well expounded by the Exalted One,
the dhamma can be realized by oneself,
it is timeless,
it invites to practice, (lit. come and see),
the dhamma is conducting (to the goal),
it can be experienced by the wise person.

* About 20 years she has practiced the method of Mahasi Sayadaw with different teachers in the West, in Thailand and Myanmar.

* More than 6 years she practiced and studied in Myanmar (Birma):
  • Two years retreat in Panditarama Forest Center (Mahasi Method)
  • Studies at the International Theravāda Buddhist University in Yangon (Rangoon)/Myanmar with Diploma degree
  • Continuation of her studies at a novice school in Myanmar
  • 18 months, 3 months, 5 months retreats in the Pa Auk Forest Monastery: systematic Samatha-Vipassanā Practice; Samatha-Practice: nearly all 40 subjects which we can find in the Pālicanon; systematic Vipassanā-Practice according to different Suttā, f. ex. Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna-Sutta, Anatta-Lakkhaṇa-Sutta, Anupada Sutta, Khandha Sutta etc., and as well according to the explanations of Visuddhi Magga, The Path of Purification.

* Since 1997 a number of retreats up to seven months alone in seclusion in Germany.

* 1997 - 2003 Biographical process with the Tibetan-Buddhist teacher Dr. Akong Rinpoche with the aspect of 'Healing by developing Compassion'.

* Christina has worked 25 years with human beings in different fields. She got close contact during this time with the 4 omen or divine messengers, the sight of old age, disease, death, monks. She realized more and more the first noble truth, that existence dukkha (difficulties, problems) brings up and that any kind of worldly therapy, coaching, treatment gives ease to suffering temporarily, but cannot uproot the cause of suffering. The path of final overcoming of suffering she could find and go with the Buddha's teachings.

* Christina has learned to practice and to appreciate continuous mindfulness at the 6 sense doors (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind) and the discipline to practice accordingly this mindfulness from awakening until falling asleep during her many years practicing in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw.

* She has learned with Pa Auk Sayadaw how to practice Samatha and Vipassanā Meditation systematically. These teachings are based in the Sutta-method and in the Abhidhamma-method. But Christina distances her explicitly from Tantra-methods which Pa Auk Sayadaw and other Sayadaws in Pa Auk monasteries practice.

* Christina has also learned with Tibetan-Buddhist teachers as Dr. Akong Rinpoche, to develop compassion (karunā) und friendliness (mettā), based on wise reflection, towards herself and all sentient beings.

On these three pillars of the Buddhist Practice;
  • discipline in continuous mindfulness
  • developing concentration (Samatha) and insight (Vipassanā) systematically,
  • as also developing compassion and friendliness towards all living beings including the own person,

her teachings are based.

 Christina gives guidance in retreats and teaches Dhammaseminars since 2011. She has developed a series of seminars as an intensive preparation for retreats: 'The path of liberating wisdom Theravada-Buddhism'.

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