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As you can read on the page home of this website, Inge J. Ferguson as webmaster takes technical care of this website. It is her dāna, to make the dhamma in the theravāda-buddhist tradition available for other people.
The content is composed by Christina Garbe. She takes full responsibility for the content of the articles published on this website, except for the menu point 'Society'.
The content for the menu point 'Society' is composed by Edith Obrusnik and Ulrike Dörfler. With them alone is the responsibility for what is published here.
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From our side, as a theravāda-buddhist group it is a matter of course, that all our activities are orientated towards the noble eightfold path, which the Buddha Gotama has taught. This path includes:
richt view
  • right thinking
  • right speech
  • right action
  • right livelihood
  • right energy
  • right mindfulness
  • right concentration

Beside this noble path of behaviour we additionally orientate our behaviour towards the ethical rules, taught by the Buddha Gotama and towards the Brahmavihārā (loving kindness, compassion, altruistic joy, equanimity). This means we try tirelessly not to harm ourselves nor any other being or to cause difficulties (dukkha) to anybody. That's why it is not in any manner our interest, to abuse data (see right action), nor to do business with them (see right livelihood), nor to transfer data to other people (see right speech). We use data, perhaps transferred by you, only for processing your request.
All data are deleted after having finished the process of your request. Only in case you wish to be informed about the dhamma-activities of Christina Garbe, your name and email-adress will be saved. In this case you have to send an email to with permission that we are allowed to save your name and email-adress for this purpose, namely sending the irregularly published newsletter.

Although we try with due diligence there may be any mistake. We ask you kindly, to contact us immediately in a peaceful manner, so that we are able to correct our mistake.
We do not run a commercial business.

May the good Dhamma protect all of us!

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Christina Garbe,
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Edith Obrusnik,
Ulrike Dörfler


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